Monday, June 16, 2008


2:30 PM

Outside the Vendome Copper and Brass Works and across from the Louisville Extreme Park, I bask in the sun on this Monday afternoon. Blinding pain hammers at any serenity I may have enjoyed. The sinus infection, the pink eye, the exhaustion, the malnutrition- I can deal with those. But the back pain is crippling. It was a minor irritant yesterday. Then we played. For some reason I decided to go off and have fun. Maybe it’d cure my ailments, I naively surmised. Instead it waged an all out war on my back. Either I pinched a nerve or strained a muscle or slipped a disc, whatever the cause, it hurts like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It’s all Pilates and yoga when I get home.

Tour nears its wretched demise. Three shows left and then its back to normal life. I am not so sure I want to return it, despite all of my whining and crying.

Louisville feels like a reasonably cool place. We’re staying with the brothers Patterson. They reside in a pretty swank house with a rather kick ass dog. Everyone went to a music store, so I decided to explore. They’re promising bountiful food later, I hope they don’t disappoint.